Innodust Training Center (Khorda)

Khurda is a district located in the Indian state of Odisha. It is situated in the eastern part of the country and is one of the 30 districts in Odisha. The district headquarters is located in the town of Khordha.

Implementing solar energy projects in Khurda, Odisha, can bring lots of good things for the district and the people living there. Since there’s plenty of sunlight in Khorda, using solar power can help cut down on pollution and the need for  fuels. This is great for the environment. Also, solar energy gives Khorda a way to make its own power, so it’s not as affected by changes in fuel prices or if fuel runs out. and also setting up solar panels and systems creates jobs and helps the local economy grow.

Innodust has many training centers all over India, and one is inKhorda. This center teach people about different energy solutions using modern tools and knowledge. Innodust wants to help Khorda and other places use energy in better ways. They offer training programs to teach communities about renewable energy, like solar power, Small hydro powerplants .Our goal is to make Khorda and other places greener and more sustainable by teaching them about Solar Energy.



Our Presence in Khorda
Swami Vivekananda School of Engineering & Technology
Chaitanyaprasad Odisha-752054
Courses Offered:
Placement Solar Pv Installation & Surya Mitra (Khorda)
Stella Jones


Carlos Hughes


Chloe Newts


Mark Adams


Brianna Stark


James Hobbs


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